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Inspired by LA food truck culture, we're dishing up Mexican cuisine on the streets of the Gold Coast. We serve fresh, tasty meals and tacos are our specialty.

About Us

Rod and Reanna have been travelling the globe for over a decade on a culinary journey, choosing destinations based on food.


Rodney’s love for food begun early in his life from watching his mother cook everything from scratch. Beginning his chef apprenticeship when he was 16 years old. Rodney was a sponge for culinary information.

Over the past 24 years Rod has gained experience in fine dining, high volume, casual dining and catering.

Rodney gains satisfaction in making the customer enjoy the food experience.


From retail, office, management and front line hospitality, Reanna has always been about customer service.

Paired up with Rodney’s kitchen skills, Reanna’s business savvy and social media prowess make for a great duo.